Support the cohan collective

The Cohan Collecitve is an open residency program that’s aim is to nurture and support artists development. We provide a space where artists are guided, mentored and encouraged to access their most creative selves without judgement. We are a unique organization that has the welfare and development of the arts at its heart.

The Cohan Collective with the Martha Graham Company is supported in part by Yorke Dance Project and private donations. We are grateful to all our patrons for their continued support during these difficult times.

If you would like to make a donation in support of the Cohan Collective and the ongoing work for the Cohan Legacy, you can do so through Yorke Dance Project paypal donate

As a registered charity Yorke Dance Project is the fiscal receiver for Cohan Collective projects.

 To discuss other ways you can support the Cohan Collective and the artists involved please contact:

Kate McStraw
[email protected]