London . New York . Chicago

Spring 2021

2 week intensive

Yorke Dance Project, Martha Graham Dance Company and Joffrey Ballet

The Cohan Collective is thrilled to be working with the Martha Graham Dance Company with their dancers taking part in New York, Chicago and London. In these restricted times, the residency will take place in three locations with artists in studios sharing their creativity virtually. Sir Robert Cohan’s directorship will be led by co-founder Yolande Yorke-Edgell, with mentorship by international choreographer Kim Brandstrup. The residency would not be complete without guidance by co-founder Eleanor Alberga and music director Philip Feeney.

Artists from the Graham Company will work with an international collective of choreographers and dancers, including artists from London’s Yorke Dance Project and Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet, in a two-week residency based on Cohan’s teachings, philosophy and spirit.

Working simultaneously across three time zones in three different cities, choreographers Lloyd Knight and So Young An from the Graham Company, Katlin Bourgeois from the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago and Patricia Okenawa, dancer and choreographer for Rambert Dance Company in London will spend two weeks working on tasks set out by Cohan to develop their artistry.

In the year of his passing, the Cohan Collective are excited to be launching this new venture and to be collaborating with the Martha Graham Dance Company, the very company with which Cohan first made his mark as a great 20th and 21st century dance artist. This year’s CC will see Cohan’s legacy find an ever-increasing global reach and deepening artistic impact.


The Cohan Collective with the Martha Graham Company is supported in part by Yorke Dance Project and private donations. We are grateful to all our patrons for their continued support during these difficult times.

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Amanda Assecuna (Courtesy of Joffrey Ballet), Luke Ahmet, Pierre Tappon, Alessio Crognale, Anne O’Donnell, Anne Souder, Charlotte Landreau, Jacob Larsen, Laurel Dalley Smith, Lesley Williams, Lloyd Mayor, Lorenzo Pagano, Marzia Memoli, Natasha M Diamond-Walker, So Young Ann

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