Development Week

Pavilion Dance South West

Following on from the two week residency in 2018, four composers and three choreographers return to work together in three groups.

Dancers from phase 1 will return and musicians from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s training program will join us for this creative week. Mentors Kate Flatt and Kenneth Hesketh return to support the artists and to direct the development week are founders Robert Cohan and Eleanor Alberga.

This week follows on from the experience and knowledge gained from the two week residency. Co-founder Yolande Yorke-Edgell will lead each day with a Cohan technique or ballet class before all the artists come together to create each day that culminates in a short work that will be shared with a public audience at the end of the week.

This years development week is made possible by the generous donations and patrons of Yorke Dance Project.

See a full list of the Cohan Collective: Bournemouth Artists below 

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